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The Man Behind The Words

As promised, I’d like to start out with a little bit about my gaming background so that you’re informed about where I’m coming from going forward. Some of this will be transferred to an “About Me” section, but maybe not in the same detail.

The house I grew up in played some games. They were mostly what would be considered party games by today’s standards like Taboo and Scattergories. These were mostly played when we had company although we did play some games at other times. My father owned some of the Avalon Hill bookcase boardgames and I found those fascinating, though we never really played them.

I didn’t get into tabletop RPGs until the spring of my freshman year in college. I actually started as a GM, running a fan-made set of rules for Final Fantasy that I stumbled across during some web-surfing in the computer science lab. I was hooked from the start. From there, I moved on to playing Storyteller and eventually 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve gamed with a core group of people for most of that time. Some members have come and gone, but I find it more comfortable to game with a close group than to gaming with people I don’t know. Currently, I play with one group online every other week and I have another group that meets once-a-month.

It wasn’t until after college that I got seriously into board games. I was even into miniature wargaming for a while, though that hobby eventually outstripped both my group’s time availability and discretionary income. My collection has grown significantly in the last few years as the availability of good games has increased. I mostly play games with my wife and 8-year-old daughter, but some members of my RPG group also get together from time-to-time to play board games. I seem to prefer deck builders and strategy games with fantasy themes, though my collection is much broader than that. I probably spend more time on board games these days than I spend with RPGs.

That’s pretty much it for my gaming background. I’ll go into more detail on individual reviews and discussion posts as the need arises. Next week, I’ll be posting a review of Hero Lab’s iPad app for the Pathfinder system.

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