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Four RPGs

I saw the hashtag #fourRPGs floating around on twitter and started to tweet, but decided it would make a better blog post to kick off the new year. Read on for four RPGs that I intend to get into this year.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition

We’ll start the rundown with one of my old loves. Werewolf remains one of my favorite RPGs of all time, even though I traded off my print collection of it a long time ago. The 20th Anniversary edition goes a long way in updating the setting itself to the present day, taking into account technological advances (for example, social media and the ubiquity of smartphones) as well as new environmental concerns such as fracking and the development of the Canadian oil sands. Reading through the book has sparked a number of new ideas and I finally feel like I’m personally in a place with my storytelling skills that I can give Werewolf the treatment it deserves.

Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition

We’ll continue the classic World of Darkness parade for one more throat. I played Vampire in a one-shot years ago and played a Hunters Hunted game in college before that. There’s something fascinating about the concept and an actual play podcast I’ve been listening to has opened up some additional possibilities to me. I’m specifically getting into this one to run a duet game with my wife with me acting as Storyteller. It’s a new concept for both of us and it’s going to flex some game mastering muscles I haven’t used in a while, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I think the duet mode will suit the game well as it will allow more exploration of the world and political intrigue inherent to Vampire than you could necessarily achieve in a larger group setting.


This one is kind of cheating. Pathfinder was a fixture in my gaming last year and it will continue to be active this year. For something new, there’s several adventure paths, both currently out and coming up later this year, that I would like to get into. It’s just a matter of finding the time once the current Pathfinder stuff runs down.

Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny

This one is also kind of cheating as it’s technically three games, but the underlying system is the same, so I feel at least a little justified. My family and I have been watching Star Wars Rebels (which is a good series and you should watch it if you have the chance). It really feels like both Star Wars and an RPG campaign all in one: a mishmash of characters thrown together and surviving as they can while tweaking the nose of the Empire. That and The Force Awakens have added new fuel to my desire to do some Star Wars gaming and I think this is the year I’ll try to put together a fresh group to do some Star Wars gaming.


So I have both my docket full and my work cut out for me this year. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to pull some of this off. Expect me to talk about my successes and failures with this in my blog later this year. Any RPG you’re specifically expecting to get into this year?

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