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Music and Inspiration

When I write, which has been rare this year, I tend to talk about board games or RPGs. Today, I’m going to talk about music. So bear with me because it will be related.

In July of last year, I wrote a post about campaign ideas that are inspired by other media, namely movies and music. As I’ve been working on and playing in some Classic World of Darkness games, I’ve become freshly aware of just how important music is to me for setting my own mood for preparation. So I’m going to share some of the music that’s been circulating on my preparation playlist.

I listened to Nightwish more a few years ago with their albumĀ Dark Passion Play. Their following albums didn’t quite grab me though until I took a chance and listened to this song. Their new lead singer sold me completely. This song embodies a lot of what I love about Mage: The Ascension and Changeling: The Dreaming. People with the power to make the lives of everyone brighter. Add to that the blend of sounds of the various instruments (ones you don’t often hear together unless you’re a symphonic metal listener like me) and it sets the perfect mood for my musings.

Skillet is a new band for me. I took a chance when their video for “Monster” crossed my recommended videos on YouTube. It’s a great mood piece and you should definitely give it a look, but it’s not what I’m sharing here. “Not Gonna Die” encapsulates one of the things I love about Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Refusing to give up, despite the odds and apparent hopelessness. Werewolves have “but it is not this day!” moments all the time and I love that.

“This Is Why We Fight” by The Decemberists makes its way onto a lot of my RPG playlists, but it’s especially relevant to a game like Werewolf. It’s also a very different song feel from a good section of the rest of my playlist which tends more towards things like Nightwish.

A quick warning on this one, if heights in videos bother you, maybe find another video with this song to watch. We’re back to symphonic metal for the last song I’m going to share: “Dangerous” by Within Temptation. Within Temptation is probably one of my favorite bands and certainly my favorite symphonic metal group. This song has great driving guitars, Sharon den Adel’s voice is on and magnificent as always, and Howard Jones provides a good counter-sound. This song never fails to get me pumped and get me in the mood to create.

So there’s some of the things circulating on my playlist. There’s a lot more and maybe I should turn this into a series, but this will have to do for now. Any suggestions? What sort of music do you listen to while prepping your games or do you listen to music at all while prepping?

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