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Music and Inspiration

When I write, which has been rare this year, I tend to talk about board games or RPGs. Today, I’m going to talk about music. So bear with me because it will be related. Read more…

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Four RPGs

I saw the hashtag #fourRPGs floating around on twitter and started to tweet, but decided it would make a better blog post to kick off the new year. Read on for four RPGs that I intend to get into this year. Read more…

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#RPGaDay – Day 17 – My Favorite Fantasy RPG

August 17, 2015 3 comments

If you’re not familiar with #RPGaDay, go here and then come back to read my rambling about my favorite fantasy RPG. Read more…

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Working The System

I’m starting to get to the point in my planning where I need to choose a system. There are a lot of games that can do fantasy, but each game handles things a little differently and some of my planning has to fold the idiosyncrasies of the system into the world so that the PCs will fit in the world and the world will make sense within the context of the game. Today, I’m going to discuss some of the systems I’m considering and the reasons why I might select them and why I might not. Read more…

A Village In The Making

A while back, I listened to the Icewind Dale trilogy while on my commute and it spurred in me a desire for a campaign storyline that was possibly a little more traditional than some of what I was currently playing. To that end, I started working on a campaign idea that I called “What Once Was Lost”. The first step in that was to create a homebase for the PCs to work out of. In today’s blog post, I’m going to discuss the different sections of my write-up and the what each section’s purpose is. Read more…